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Where did the Modal dealers go?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Modal (formerly Drive Motors) ceased operations at the end of May 2022. We were curious–would dealers using the Modal digital retail solution migrate to another digital retail solution? The diagram below shows percentages and names of vendors on the former Modal dealer sites at the end of June. Darwin, Roadster, and Upstart appear to have picked up larger numbers.

Which vendors made disproportional progress?

Given the wide range of current market share across digital retail solutions on dealer websites, it’s interesting to consider how various vendors fared relative to their overall market share. The bar chart below shows which companies gained a disproportionate share of Modal dealers relative to their existing footprint, and which solutions gained fewer of the former Modal customers. As one might expect, Modal’s historic success with Honda dealers translates to fewer opportunities for brand-specific solutions like GM’s Shop.Click.Drive.

Lastly, we see below how Modal stores dropped to zero. Building a business takes effort and guts. Props to the Modal team.


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