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Our Story

When COVID-19 began to affect the dealership marketplace, the automotive industry shifted focus quickly to digital marketing solutions. Dealers wanted to know which tool to use, investors wanted to know where to invest, and vendors wanted to know how they stacked up against their competition. This data did not exist.


Industry veterans Brian Reed, Steve Greenfield, and Andrew Gordon recognized the need to gain insights into the automotive market in order for dealers, investors, and vendors to make informed decisions moving forward. With access to dealership, vehicle, market pricing, cost of ownership, vehicle history data, and more, Automotive Market Data was founded.

Car Dealership
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Brian Reed was the Co-Founder and CEO of Intersection Technologies – F&I Express, acquired by Cox Automotive, and the founder of Digital Auto Advisors, offering automotive technology consulting and automotive intelligence services. In 2006, Brian was named the JD Powers & Associates “Pioneer of the Internet” for establishing auto finance on the Internet.​Brian is an Advisor and Board Member to several automotive technology organizations and an early stage investor in great new ideas in the automotive and financial services space.



Steve Greenfield is the CEO and Founder of Automotive Ventures, LLC, an automotive technology advisory firm. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive technology space, he has overseen more than $1 billion in automotive technology acquisitions. He served as TrueCar’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, and’s Vice President of Product Management and Business Development, overseeing the acquisitions of vAuto, Kelley Blue Book, HomeNet Automotive, VinSolutions and DealerScience. 



Andrew Gordon is a mechanical/computer science engineer and a third generation Honda dealer, and founder of DealerScience. Andrew served as VP of Digital Retail at TrueCar after DealerScience was acquired by TrueCar in 2018. Now, Andrew consults with startups to offer the advice or insights he would have wanted when he was at that junction with DealerScience, is a speaker and mentor for the MIT Enterprise Forum and the Gordon Institute at Tufts University, and an advisor and investor with Quickride Shuttle Software.



Pete Batten is a dealer retail technology and data advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in vehicle retailing. Pete has served as General Manager for several automotive software brands, including Cox Automotive Digital Retail, Chrome Data, and Automotive Lease Guide. He led new product development for digital retailing at Dealertrack, and enterprise channel product management at Cox Automotive. Pete was also Chief Product Officer at LeadVenture, the leading dealer digital marketing company in the US recreation vehicle and heavy equipment space.

Meet The Team
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