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News Release: Automotive Market Data Launches Dealer Group Activity Mapping™

Boston, Massachusetts - November 8, 2022 - Automotive Market Data, the experts in automotive digital retailing data and other pertinent automotive industry information, today announced it has launched Dealer Group Activity Mapping™ in advance of the 2023 NADA Show scheduled for January 26 – 29, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Dealer Group Activity Mapping by Automotive Market Data tracks over 140 of the top dealer groups in the United States, including the current new vehicle stores within their groups, and their franchise dealer websites.

“Marketing and client support teams serving the automotive industry don’t have good systems to keep up with the volume of changes in today’s active dealership buy/sell market,” said Pete Batten, Partner at Automotive Market Data. “While there’s industry awareness around the growing trend of dealership group consolidation, we see that some groups are actively selling stores almost as fast as they’re acquiring new ones. The churn and level of changes undermine industry vendors’ CRM and outreach activities, and lead to waste and embarrassment when calling on stores where ownership changes are missed.”

Batten says that tracking dealer group activity is extremely challenging and not something that sales teams are paid to manage every day. The company’s Dealer Group Activity Mapping report is designed to help sales professionals run more effective campaigns, keep their CRMs updated, and save time and confusion in the process.

When it comes to the annual NADA Show, in particular, Batten says Dealer Group Activity Mapping is much more accurate and reliable than the junky, overused NADA dealer contact lists that are marketed broadly each year as “NADA dealer lists”.

This latest addition to AMD’s product lineup gives the company’s clients information about dealer group changes and updates each month, so they can stay on top of the bustling buy/sell activity that’s happening across the U.S.

Late last year, Automotive Market Data – headed by Brian Reed, Steve Greenfield, Andrew Gordon and Batten – launched with the introduction of its first-ever Digital Retailing Market Share Database. The database informs dealers, investors, and vendors, in real-time, about the automotive digital retailing landscape.

Specifically, Automotive Market Data evaluates more than 35 digital retailers, each day, across approximately 18,000 U.S. automobile dealer websites to identify the top digital retailers among car dealers, predominant digital retailers by brand and leading technology providers in the automotive space, as well as unique digital retailing trends and emerging technologies.

The AMD team also provides the industry with dealership contact information, vehicle-specific data, new and used vehicle market pricing, cost of ownership information and vehicle history reports. When needed, they provide customized, per-request analyses depending on a business’ goals and objectives.

For more information about Dealer Group Activity Mapping or the Digital Retailing Market Share Database, visit or email Industry professionals can connect with Pete Batten on LinkedIn at

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